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Please Enter Your Name: Donna Gilbert

SubjectACORD 160 - Business Owners Application

The first page of the form should be designed to hold all policy level information. The second and third page could hold all the location/sub-location information. The location specific page(s) could be repeated as many times as necessary. We do not support the ACORD 161 since it does not cover all the location specific information and it repeats policy level information that is not necessary. Why is there a deposit amount and premium on the 161? Why isn't there a premium amount on the 160?

Form 160 - B. Is the number of Apartments and # of units per building or fire division really the same thing? In Personal Lines there are two separate data elements for these and both are captured per location. I want to make sure that we are not removing something just because we don't have the appropriate mapping set up.

Form 160 - C. We want to make sure that we enter a maintenance request to put in the actual Number of Years for the losses if we make it a data entry field.

Form 160 - D. & G. The questions that are currently mapped to the SPI will have to move to a new group since the SPI cannot have multiple iterations and is always at F2. Some of the questions already map to the UQG which can have multiple iterations and can appear at other than F2. I suggest moving the Yes/No questions to the UQG and the coded/other data fields to the CPN. Since this will cause a major remapping of the BOP we should also consider removing the SPI group at that time and moving all the appropriate questions to the UQG/CPN or appropriate policy level group since there will only be 5 or so, questions left mapped to the group. For Question 9 under general information I think we should separate the question and remarks attached into several questions that can be read automatically instead of depending on remarks. The question should be split into:
Swimming Pool Y/N?
Approved Fence Y/N?
Limited Access Y/N?
Diving Board Y/N?
Slide Y/N?
Lifeguard Y/N?
Also does above ground/in-ground or indoor/outdoor make a difference?
If this question is split up it should also have separate data elements for the answers. It is very difficult in personal lines to try and combine the answers of the pool questions and come up with the appropriate swimming pool code.

Other Issues:
Note: All of the below enhancements to the form were discussed at Interface 2000 meetings between Applied Systems, BWC Systems, The Hartford, American States, Safeco, The Travelers, and Frankemuth. These changes were required in order to meet the needs of carriers for AL3 upload. References to the number of coverages supported per area were based on the company requests.

Named Insured - Companies need the first and additional named insured like the ACORD 125. Each of the the named insureds needs an area for the FEIN #.

Nature of Business and Description of Operations - These fields are required at a policy level and also at a location/sub-location level. They already map to both places (CPO16 & SOI22 for the Nature of Business and CPO10 & CPN07 for the Description of Operations) and the application should reflect the Policy Level or Main Nature of Business as well as the Nature of Business at a specific location.

Number of Employees & Hours of Operation - These data elements map to the Crime Location Information Group (CLI) and should be reflected at the location level. Also, if the data is required for Crime coverage only the fields on the form should be moved to the Crime section.

Liability Limits - The use of the Deductible Amount, Percentage, and Applicable To fields need to be clarified. More room is needed for additional Liability Limits. Suggested number to allow - 8.

Liability Classifications - The classifications are location specific and need the Location # column added. Companies also have coverages associated with specific classifications. Suggested number to allow - 4 per classification. The data required for the coverages was Coverage Code, Limit and Deductible.

Prior Policy / Loss History - The area for description of losses is too small. The area should be double the size that it currently is.

Additional Coverages Policy Level - We need more area for additional coverages that are not hard coded on the form. Suggested number to allow - 8

Additional Coverages - Companies have requested Additional Coverages at both the Policy Level and Sub-Location Level. At the Sub-Location Level they wanted Employee Dishonesty, Accounts Receivable, Valuable Papers and room for Additional Sub-Location Coverages. Suggested number to allow - 8.

Glass - This needs to be moved to a sub-location level.

Crime - Location and Building Number should be added. Audit Performed By (CCI01), and Audit Frequency (CCI02) should be added to this area.